It begins…

As cold, fat raindrops came down for the second day in a row, some of us doubted whether the moms of this town would want to set out, at dinnertime to a little known coffee shop just to hear about a new non-profit in town. We set up our volunteer paperwork, set out the little news article from the Star News, our first bit of press, and waited. Fifteen minutes before the meeting was even set to begin the door opened! Over and over women came in, shaking rain off their coats, pulling hoods off their toddlers, and smiling excitedly. We got our confirmation: you want something more for the women and mothers of Wilmington, NC.

Sylvia Santaballa, Women in the Center’s Co-Director, and Jordyn Zimmerman, Program Chair, welcomed the crowd of twenty-nine women and a brood of nursing babies and active toddlers. The message was simple; women need community. We asked the room: what do YOU think we need more of in this town? What is on YOUR heart for women? Where do you see yourself fitting into this new venture? The discussion was warm and open; thoughts blossomed and flowed; new ideas were formed. Our team is inspired, and now that team includes you.

Women are our focus, and for the moment, Women in the Center is developing programs for women on the journey through conception, pregnancy, postpartum and motherhood.

Our programs are kicking off this week with a Birth Q&A on Thursday, February 3rd. This is a fantastic opportunity for pregnant moms, those thinking of becoming pregnant, or for anyone who might be grappling with unanswered questions from their own pregnancy and birth, to ask, listen and participate in an open conversation with a panel of experts. The Port City Breastfeeding Project launches The Breastfeeding Cafe on February 9th at the Wrightsville Bean Company. This twice-monthly re-occurring event represents a chance for moms to come out and normalize nursing, connect with their community, and sip a cup of coffee or tea in good company. And keep up with the original project that brought us all together, Where’s My Midwife? as it expands, grows, and continues to garner National Attention for its Mission and work. We are humbled that this movement began in Wilmington, with so many of you.

If you were unable to make the Interest Meeting last week, fear not! We intend to host this conversation as a public forum on a regular basis. We have a list of our current volunteer needs here. Drop us an email and tell us what you imagine for Wilmington and where you see yourself fitting in.

Welcome to your community.  Women in the Center.