2013 Rally to Improve Birth

Some of the 2012 Wilmington, NC Rally Attendees

Some of the 2012 Wilmington, NC Rally Attendees

Last year, we joined with Improvingbirth.org to hold a Rally for Change on Labor Day. The purpose: to bring attention to the number of unnecessary inductions of labor and unnecessary cesarean sections, or surgical births. We had a wonderful turnout with over 70 adults, kids, and even a few baby bumps! Several members of the press came out, and we had a few spots on local news channels as well as a write up in the local newspaper.

This year, we are doing it again! Though the name has changed, the focus is still on mothers and babies. WHY are we rallying again this year?

To bring awareness to a problem and a solution.

To bring attention to how much of a gap there is between “routine” or typical care and care that is based on scientific evidence and known best practices.

Because all women deserve respect and compassion in childbirth, a human right.

Improvingbirth.org Voices

Stand with us this Labor Day! We invite you to join us Monday, September 2, 2013 from 10 AM – 12 PM on the NW corner of South College Road and Carolina Beach Road (near the Burger King) in Wilmington, NC.
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Join us Saturday, August 24, 2013 at 7 PM for a rally sign-making party! Bring your markers and posterboard, and join us for some wine and non-alcoholic beverages.
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Questions or interested in sponsoring the Wilmington rally? Email rally@womeninthecenter.org.