New non-profit launching 1.11.11

A passionate group of Wilmington women are developing a new non-profit organization called Women in the Center. Their mission is to bring together the professionals and resources in our community who can assist women on the path to health and wellness, while creating opportunities for growth, support and education.  “There are so many wonderful people in our community doing amazing things to improve the lives of women. We want to increase the number of women taking advantage of these resources by showcasing these professionals in a resource guide and at public events,” says Ryanna Battiste, co-Director of the organization.

On Tuesday, January 11, Women in the Center will be hosting a Launch Party at WHQR Studios, 254 N. Front Street, at 6pm for the professionals who serve the women of the region.  “We have invited everyone from obstetricians and chiropractors to massage therapists and yoga instructors.  There will be wine and tapas in an attempt to say, ‘Thank you for serving the women of our community.’ Now we would like to give back,” says Battiste.  “Ultimately, we would like to be the nexus for the resources in our area.  Our long term goal is to have a space in town where we can offer classes, host support groups, and have information available for the women who come to us about where to go for everything from a prenatal massage to a pediatrician for their kids,” says Sylvia Santaballa, co-director of Women in the Center. 

In conjunction with their plan to collaborate with area resources, the group is also passionate about developing new programs for women. “Since all of us are mothers with young children, we decided to focus our efforts in the beginning on issues families face in the childbearing years,” says Santaballa.  “We are hoping to create situations where mothers can come to receive support and share stories, and then we can offer information about where they can go in town to get the help they need.” Among the programs in development, Women in the Center will offer a support group for new mothers, a workshop called the Parent Baby Connection which will prepare expectant parents for life with a newborn, and until they have a physical space, will be hosting a twice monthly Breastfeeding Cafe at Wrightsville Bean Co., 5032 Wrightsville Ave. beginning Wednesday, February 9th at 10am. 

“Our community is on the cusp of some exciting change” says Battiste “by offering women access to the most mother-friendly resources, along with the best evidence-based information, and more opportunities for support and education, we believe we are helping build more powerful mothers…this makes for stronger families, and ultimately, will cultivate a stronger community.”


2 thoughts on “New non-profit launching 1.11.11

  1. Excited for and proud of the women in Wilmington! Wishing you tremendous success in your outreach – this is long overdue and a vision that is certain to be embraced quickly.

  2. Congratulations, Thanks for all the time and effort you are giving to this: it seems like you birthed a living organization. How lucky we all are . I agree it is long over due. Finnally all the right people came together. Just came from a birth in Mexico, a young First time North Carolina mother. I told her all about You . You will be hearing from Rachel.


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